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8/23/2018 9:18 pm  #1

E-book Now Available on Amazon.com: The Promise by Sh'nette

Imagine a book that is written as if the storyteller stands before you and recites the tale as you follow along. You absorb every gesture, every intonation and cadence, and every facial expression.

The Promise is a short, melodic narrative told in five poetic acts:

1. Earth: the mother of all beings gives birth to a beautiful baby planet.
2. Man: out of the inhabitants on the planet arose a malicious creature.
3. God: the creature sought guidance from an entity unlike itself.
4. Self: when the entity's guidance fails, an individual is compelled to set all things right.
5. Spirit: solitude amidst an arduous journey reveals the unexpected.

The Promise recounts a satirical relationship interwoven between man, world, and universe. A bit of mystical element helps shape the tale from commencement as it describes the birth of Earth. The baby planet is guarded by celestial bodies, such as Sun and Moon, that are personified as perceptive beings. Over the course of the story the entire heaven of celestial bodies must contemplate how far the mother of Earth will go to save her child from the destructive force of Man. Hints of science fiction pulls the reader through to the end as a chosen individual sets out to reach the heavens.


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