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8/23/2018 9:20 pm  #1

Poem of the Month

for this seventeen year old, terrible events unfolded
his ill-planned robbery turned into first degree murder
he shot the gun!
he's the one who killed that innocent bystander

with incriminating evidence pinned on him
and insufficient funds to buy his innocence
we held no hard feelings towards the court or the lawyer
because this young man was inhuman and deserved his sentence

it was a day we would not let him forget
branded on his memory
branded by the public
branded tattoos on his skin recount the sad story

at thirty-seven, he had lived more time behind bars
than he spent in freedom - stuck at a state prison
a correctional facility that failed to correct
the behavior of most men whose lives got thrown away and forgotten

could he re-enter into society?
that's what the panel at the parole hearing inquired about
had this felon who had been pent up with major criminals
been able to improve his mindset on his own account?

at fifty-seven he proved naysayers wrong
because while locked up, he had taught himself a few pointers
how breaking the pattern of ignorance was as crucial as knowing the Law of Attaction
so if a man sets his mind to finance, he can teach himself financial matters

he kept on track; kept his ego in check
no more foolishness nor criminal activity
by the time this man was finally released from prison
he was a learned man and a richer man than you or I can believe

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